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hey, followers, things have been pretty not happening here, and I know you’re all probably wondering what’s up.  I’ve had some family issues and I’m not going to be able to update for a few more days.  I’ll come back, as usual, but I don’t want you all hanging in terrible suspense until I do.  Be patient!  Thanks!

  1. friedcheesemogu said: I hope things get better/work out okay! I can wait to start sobbing over the next beautiful dress you post until you’re ready. :)
  2. pammiejr said: I’ll be here! Handle business and come back to us! The blog can wait! xoxo
  3. blackbirdblade said: Take as much time as you need hun, we’ll be here
  4. blktauna said: you’ve been missed. Good luck with things!
  5. hypertoparallepsis said: Wish you all the possible best things and a happy ending to happen. Meanwhile, we have an archive to take comfort in.
  6. stellahhh said: I hope things will be ok on your end! Thank you for the heads-up.
  7. flaviia said: Hope everything’s okay! xx
  8. gryffin-dyke said: are you going to hobble us, because i’d like to go on record as “against”…
  9. bella-luna-cha-cha said: Hope all is well for you today.
  10. kittyinva said: Thanks for the update. I WAS wondering. I hope everything will be well. Kathie
  11. vvvvirgo said: Wishing you the best
  12. foramberwaves-of-grain said: sending you positive thoughts!
  13. internetcouch said: Take care! :)

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