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Why I’m tired of hearing thin people complain about being called too thin:

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To be truthful, extenuating life circumstances have given me an exceptionally low tolerance for bullshit these days, so that’s probably a big part of it.

Second thing is, even if you’ve been called “too skinny” all your life, congratulations, you understand a small proportion of the shit fat people have to put up with on a daily basis.  When the weight gain industry is one of America’s most profitable industries, I’ll feel sorry for you.  When the most popular shows on TV promote unhealthy, unsafe and downright barbaric weight gain regimens as miraculous and portray anyone who doesn’t go through with them as lazy and unworthy, I’ll fell sorry for you.  When you only have one store to go shopping at in the entire mall, I’ll feel sorry for you.  When thin and skinny are synonymous with worthless, useless, unattractive and unhealthy, I’ll fell sorry for you.  When I can show someone a picture of my great-great-grandmother as a young woman in the 1880s who is as skinny as I am today and still get told I’m skinny because I have bad habits that I need to break, I’ll feel sorry for you.  When I’m told to go on a diet to gain weight in spite of overwhelming scientific research showing that diets don’t work in the long term, I’ll feel sorry for you.  

Yes, there are some people out there who have had legit bad things happen to them because of their low weight.  Yes, body-shaming in any form is bad.  People like to talk about how awful it is that thin actresses like Kiera Knightley get picked on because of their weight, but how often do you see Kiera Knightley on the cover of magazines and starring in big-budget films?  How may big-name fat actresses do you know who are famous for something other than comedy and can get regular work?

Yes, it’s all part of the patriarchal perfect-woman bullshit that no one can live up to, but let’s face it, when fat bodies aren’t constantly devalued the way thin bodies are, I’ll listen to you complain.

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